Digital storytelling is a type of narrative development that incorporates different and diverse media types. Many people have a digital story that they want to be able to tell, so social media sites and places like web 2.0 have made technological advancements to help expand the creative choices that can be given to people so they can produce a better digital story. Digital storytelling helps #metaliteracy because it shows how diverse meta literacy, how it can be creative and it helps keep others interested. And digital story telling can even occur on sites like twitter, and as i said in my previous post how twitter can be related to meta literacy. Twitter can help everyone see what your story is and it can help spread it. I myself don’t know too much about digital story telling this is the first time i am actually reading about it. But i got to read Snow Fall: the Avalanche at Tunnel Creek, and it was very interesting to read because not only was the story put together so well i was able to have a little bit of an interactive experience with it, it was able to keep me interested in the story the whole time. While reading I got to learn about what actually occurs during an avalanche and what someone would do while they are caught it one,and the safety precautions they take when they go to the mountains. I got to read about how they went about planning the trip and what they wait for when they do want to go skiing or snowboarding. 

I find it awesome that there is another way for people to get their story out there because there are so many people that want to tell their story its just hard to do it.